The Happiest Day

I know it sounds terribly cliché, but last Saturday really was the happiest day in my life. So far at least, and I do expect that many, possibly even happier days, will be ahead. Though I don’t think I will face again anytime soon, my soon to be husband Jeff, grinning uncontrollably from ear to ear.

It was a wonderful day, packed with friends and relatives and especially glorious California weather. Whatever happens on Tuesday, it won’t change anything of the commitment Jeff and I made to each other and the experience of love and support we had on that day. The memory of that day will be a source of warmth and light for many years to come. Here are some pictures of the day:

To answer a question you might ask us, yes, it does feel different to be married. Although we have lived together for two years before we made the big step, it does feel different. I’d be hard pressed to spell it out for you precisely, but it does feel different.

So what can we do to enable other couples to have this experience in the future? More than ever I believe in visibility, in sharing our experiences with people who perhaps don’t have close friends or colleagues who are gay. Perhaps a colleague, perhaps a neighbor. If you can, by all means, please do support the “No on 8” campaign financially. But in any case, please do share your story, and tell people that this is about you too.

Below is one of the many ways you can help.


Rolf and Jeff

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