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Patrick Moore on Beyond Shame

In 2007, LPN interviewed author and AIDS activist Patrick Moore via email. Moore is the author of the 2004 published Beyond Shame, reclaiming the abandoned history of radical gay sexuality.  We wanted to know how his views had changed since the publication of the book and his cross-country move to Los Angeles.

Dreams from my Father

As a gay man reading Barack’s Obama first book “Dreams from My Father” I found myself intrigued by how much of his life’s story seemed familiar. Although on the surface Barack’s life couldn’t be more different from mine. Born on Hawaii, early childhood memories of Indonesia, college in Los Angeles, a brief period in New York and eventually settling in Chicago. How can this story be similar to growing up in a small Bavarian town in southern Germany?

Simon Levay, a neuroscientist and author best known for his 1991 study suggesting a structural difference in the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men, just published his latest book. You might have seen him talk about “When Science Goes Wrong” on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Sex without Condoms

Gay culture moves fast. So it wouldn’t be a big surprise if the 2006 published book by Michael Shernoff Without Condoms – unprotected sex, gay men & barebacking felt a little dated. Or it might simply be the perspective of a gay man who came of age just before the AIDS crisis and who’s personal life was forever shaped by it. But the material is as relevant as it has ever been.