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Wes Bush Speaks at Out & Equal Workplace Summit

Over 2,600 executives, human resources and diversity professionals, employee resource groups and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and allies gathered in Dallas, Texas, October 25-28, to share their best practices and ideas for creating workplaces where all people are safe, accepted, and valued, inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, characteristics, and expressions.

Jeff Rothenbach: Holiday Shopping Tips for the Gay Man

Jeff Rothenbach In Rolf’s on-going quest to provide gay men everywhere with the tools to improve the quality of their lives, he turns to me and asks for another article. We go back and forth, throwing out ideas as we drive down La Cienega Boulevard, until we come up with something that I know enough about that I could teach others. And so, here are my tips for the holiday shopping season.

Jeff Rothenbach: Fighting the Plastic Dragon

Jeff RothenbachAccording to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt in America is over $2 trillion. That’s a lot of Prada. With such active lives, gay men seem to be spending well above the average consumer, and credit cards are so easy to use. If your contribution to that total is around one thousand (give or take), pat yourself on the back. You probably have a pretty good handle on your personal finances. However, if your portion is in the ten thousand plus range, you may want to read on.