Hiking in LA

Last night I was high on the best drug I know. Endorphins. Coming up to the top of Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park, I had worked my system long and hard enough to get to the pleasant cruise stage that some call “the second wind.” I’m pretty sure it’s a left over from the times our ancestors had to run from the saber tooth tiger and not making it had only one out come.

Natural selection. Today, much of our expanding waistline is attributable to the fact that we don’t have to run from huge carnivores anymore and yet our instincts are still geared for the stone-ages. The angry scowl on your bosses face just isn’t doing it and running in panic across the parking lot might not be the way to your next promotion either.

In the silky Los Angeles night air, the beautiful colors of the sunset topped off with the smallest sliver of a waxing moon turned my natural high into an experience I told myself to remember. It reminded me of a scene in the last season of the Sopranos when Tony Soprano, high on mushrooms, yells out to the Nevada sky: “I get it.” We need to hold on to these insights as they all too often get swept away by the river of daily routine.

We hung out on the top for about 15 minutes, chatting amiably with the usual friendly crowd and a few newcomers while waiting for the “fast” group to catch up with us. It was on the way down when it really hit me that I live in this city that defies imagination through its sheer diversity of the people and life styles that somehow manages to make it all work in some fashion. Often better than anyone would expect, although most of us expect and demand more of the city. Yesterday, though, was not a moment to strive or work harder. It was a moment for me to enjoy life, to appreciate it as it is right now. Not as it could be or should be or might have been. Simply as it is and to acknowledge how good it is.

Yes, I’m still dedicated to losing the second ten pounds to get to the goal. But right now it feels like something that I want to do because I can and because it will make me feel even better about myself, the way I look and how comfortable I am in this body that works so hard for me. I’m no longer trying to wrestle an obstinate body into submission, but want to offer it the best care I can. After all, we are not two squabbling siblings locked into the same room, we are truly one. I am my body and I’m committed to provide for myself the best way I know how. That means feed it regularly but sparingly, make sure it gets a good amount of exercise, gets to play with friends and has something interesting to do. Of course every now and then there are also the simple lazy days that are so necessary to balance the active side of life. Sounds like great advice for a loving pet owner, doesn’t it? Well, I think I’m stepping up to the challenge of becoming a loving body owner.

Rolf’s progress.
May 30, 2008 June 6, 2008
Weight 183.0 lb 180.5 lb
Waist to Hip Ratio
Quality of Life 50% 105%
Thoughts Fallen off. I can fly!

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