Gay Marriage 101

With the decision of the California Supreme court to declare the ban of same-sex marriage unconstitutional suddenly many gay men want to know about the getting married. Here is a collection of useful links.

Statement of the LA County Registrar
The California State Supreme Court today [May 15, 2008] issued a decision over-turning the state’s ban on same sex marriages. A copy of the 172-page court document is available on the court’s website.

The ruling does not take effect immediately and the Los Angeles County Registrar-
Recorder/County Clerk is not authorized to issue marriage licenses or to perform civil marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples at this time. Our office is awaiting legal analysis of the court’s decision and a timeline for implementation. We will provide updated information through media releases and posted notices on our website –

We understand there is a great deal of interest in the court’s decision and that many couples are awaiting information on how to obtain a marriage license and arrange for a ceremony. We will release that information as soon it is available.

Information on current marriage licensing services in Los Angeles County is available

Information pertaining to filing a Statement of Domestic Partnership can be found at

California Marriage License, Registration and Ceremony Information – General Information

Protect Equality for All
While we are jubilant about the California Supreme court’s decision, it is not over yet. Conservatives opposing the right to marry have put together an initiative that almost certainly will qualify for the November ballot. If 50 percent plus 1 vote are in favor of the amendment, the California constitution would be changed to again define marriage as limited to one man and one woman. In 2000, the Knight Initiative, Proposition 22 won by 61% to 39%. Let’s hope that public opinion has improved over the last eight years. Let’s do all we can to support our right to marry.

Please support Equality California at

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