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Approaching the halfway point. Again.

I just reread my first entry from back in April. Such enthusiasm and commitment. Well, I said it, wrote it down and I’m sticking with it. Again I’m approaching the half way mark, in good spirits and, I believe, without gimmicks. Will I make it beyond the so far elusive 180-pound barrier?

Strong Roots

Yesterday, like most Thursdays just before 7 pm, I was waiting in Griffith Park for the regular hiking crowd to arrive for an awesome midweek break from the desk in friendly company. Yesterday, I had extra time and stretched out on the little park bench under a California Live Oak tree where we always gather before the hike.

A New Beginning

It’s been seven weeks since my last entry. I just did a double take and recounted the weeks on the calendar. Seven weeks is a long time. I didn’t think it had been this long. On the upside, Jeff and I had a wonderful trip to Germany and France. Lots of new things to see and good food to eat.

Hiking in LA

Last night I was high on the best drug I know. Endorphins. Coming up to the top of Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park, I had worked my system long and hard enough to get to the pleasant cruise stage that some call “the second wind.” I’m pretty sure it’s a left over from the times our ancestors had to run from the saber tooth tiger and not making it had only one out come.

Run Over by the Desert Cart

Thursday: It had to happen at some point. It was just going too well. Somebody told me that keeping to a sensible eating plan was simply a matter of will power. Hmm, I think I’ve just run flat out of will.

Steady as She Goes

It occurred to me this morning that I sometimes see my body like this big ocean liner that I steer through life. No matter how frantically I turn the till, she just won’t turn on the spot. Though if I use a light touch, keep a good look ahead and just take my time, she takes me to just about anywhere I want to go.

Hot and Happy

Today is a very happy day. With the California Supreme Court ruling marriage for gay and lesbian couples has become a reality. The pleasure might be temporarily but I’m willing to put my faith in the California electorate.

To Pie or Not to Pie

“That apple pie looks really good. So does the cherry pie.” – “But I already had a muffin in the morning. Ok, a muffin and a half. I hadn’t planned on eating that either.” – “No, you don’t NEED to eat the pie. You want to stick to your diet. Remember, you want to lose weight.” – “How will you feel once you finished it? How will you feel tomorrow morning when you step on the scale?” – “I really, really want that pie!”

The Lost Inch

Few guys would get excited about losing an inch on a critical body part. Well, I’m happy to say that in the two weeks since I’ve started, I lost an inch around the middle. While my ass saw a little shrinkage too, my waist-to-hip ration “inched” closer to my goal of 0.92. That’s progress in cold, hard numbers. Still, I need all the encouragement I can find in the daily battle with my growling stomach.

First Week

After the first week, I think I’ve discovered why people lose weight on the Abs Diet. It’s not a whole lot of food! Yes, you do get to eat six meals a day. Though the flowering prose of the book might lead you to believe you’ll be filling your belly like you don’t know how to spell the word diet. Reality looks a bit different.